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Southeast California College

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Our Mission

Southeast California College (SCC) commits to its mission to train, transform, and empower individuals for service. Its purpose to empower academic excellence, scholarship, research, and use of evidence-based practices in health care. Our graduates will practice altruism; respect for human dignity, treat persons with respect regardless of race, color, religion or ethnicity, and develop cultural congruence and sensitivity for safe practice to meet the diverse health care needs of the community.

Our Vision

Southeast California College (SCC) is a faith-based academic institution that aims to train, transform, and empower individuals for service. Its purpose is to empower professional success with a holistic view of a person’s physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and developmental well-being through nursing education. SCC believes in a lifelong learning experience in a collaborative culture of teaching, learning, and mentorship serving a culturally diverse society.


Southeast California College (SCC) fulfills its educational mission of preparing competent allied health practitioners and nurses with the sensitivity to identify, interpret and analyze data, develop plan of care, and implement plan of care in a culturally diverse society. It prepares individuals to respect human dignity, demonstrate accountability; and compassion to serve individuals, families, and aggregates in a diverse society.


Dean: Edna Domingo PhD, RN

"At SCC, our mission is to advance health worldwide, and we are attracting some of the nation’s best and brightest students to help us achieve that goal. One of the reasons our students come to SCC is to work in a culture of discovery and innovation. They work closely with a wonderful community of faculty and help them solve important problems in healthcare today."