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At Southeast California College, we offer a world-class medical education that’s based on a strong background in the basic sciences, early clinical experiences, and an unsurpassed program of hands-on clinical training.

Our curriculum will challenge and inspire you – and prepare you for the future of medicine, today. 

An education at SCC is not just classrooms and clinics. We also offer students:

  • Opportunities to grow personally and professionally with our engaging Academic programs.

  • An expanding program to gain international experience and explore global health issues.

  • Extensive research opportunities to play a role in the advancement of medicine

  • A chance to earn additional certifications.

Patient Care Technician Assistant
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PCTA- Patient Care Technician Assistant

This 160 hour program is an introduction to patient care techniques and skills needed to function in a hospital and/or health care setting. Topics include: growth and development, communication skills, pain assessment, care of the disoriented client, vital signs, heights, weights, patient safety, patient education, and advanced technical skills.

Home Health Aide
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Our Home Health Aid Program prepares our students to provide in home patient care.  Home health aides provide personal care for patients who need assistance for a variety of reasons including illness, advanced age, disability, or cognitive impairment. Home health aides may work with patients as part of a hospice care program also.

 40 Hour Program

   - Observation Techniques

   - Patient health record maintenance

   - Physical assistance techniques

Acute Care Level 2
CNA Training Program
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PCTA- Patient Care Technician Assistant

Acute Care Level 2 CNA enables CNA’s to work in an acute care setting.  As a certified acute care CNA, you can work in Pediatrics, Post partum, Pre-op, medical-surgical, and in transitional units.  These jobs give you the opportunity for higher income, and more valuable work experience.  This certification helps you stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs in hospitals, and can make a difference on the salary you request and positions you are offered.

Vocational Nursing (VN) Program
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This program is a 13 months training program that prepares students become professional nurses serving the health care needs of the community. This program prepares graduates for the State licensure examinations to become licensed a a health care provider in the healthcare field.

vanced technical skills.

Medical Assistant (MA) Program
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This 675-hour fast-track career training program prepares the student to sit for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) national certification exam offered through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) using a variety of classroom and externship training experiences.

CEU- Continuing Education Units
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Offering continuing education classes for  CNA's

For LVN's and RN's:

Classes offered are : Medication Administration (CEU) Pain Management (CEU) Wound Care Management (CEU)

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